Results of 4th Lord in 12 Houses in Vedic Astrology

Following is the result of 4th lord in 12 houses in vedic astrology.

4th Lord in 1st House (Lagna)

  • Extraordinary success, servants, palatial house, rise in life through education

4th Lord in 2nd House

  • Happiness, good education, servants, vehicles, palace, study-holic, vast vacabulary
  • Malefic Moon » Mad, like blood
  • R/K » brain disorder
  • 8L » 2 wives for money

4th Lord in 3rd House

  • No education, short journey, no mother love, sickly
  • Mars » No home
  • Venus » No vehicles

4th Lord in 4th House

  • Religiously inclined, respect for traditions, rich, respected, happy, work oriented education
  • Mer » brilliant education
  • Sun » administrative service
  • Jup » status in society
  • Ven » Bank

4th Lord in 5th House

  • Vedas, seer, mantra, tirth sthaan
  • Venu » artistic skills for religious purpose
  • Mer + Jup + Ketu » Scientist
  • Ketu » No children

4th Lord in 6th House

  • serve others, short-tempered, debts, mean, evil thoughts & intentions, roaming
  • Mars » Judiciary

4th Lord in 7th House

  • Happiness after marriage, partnership, settlement in foreign

4th Lord in 8th House

  • Well-educated, miserable, father dies early, impotent, lose land property or litigation
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4th Lord in 9th House

  • Make temples, foreign, lakir ka fakir

4th Lord in 10th House

  • Professional enemies, not good relation with mother, can not enjoy happiness, Political success, chemist
  • Sun » Govt. Job
  • Sat » Private Job
  • R / K » Self-employes business

4th Lord in 11th House

  • No good health for mother, mother love other co-born especially elder one, sickly, selling / buying cattless & lands

4th Lord in 12th House

  • Education in foreign, deprived of happiness & properties, early death to mother, bad finances
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