Results of 11th Lord in 12 Houses in Vedic Astrology

Following is the result of 11th lord in 12 houses in vedic astrology.

11th Lord in 1st House (Lagna)

  • Aries » Mixed, long-life, disease

  • Cancer » Bad

  • Libra » Good

  • Capricorn » Good

  • wealthy, eldest

  • If 11th Lord is in 1st House, the native will be genuine in disposition, be rich, happy, even-sighted, be a poet, be eloquent in speech and be always endowed with gains.

11th Lord in 2nd House

  • Dhan yoga, banking, business, will live with his elder brother

  • If 11th Lord is in 2nd House, the native will be endowed with all kinds of wealth and all kinds of accomplishments, charitable, religious and always happy.

11th Lord in 3rd House

  • Jupiter » Sports

  • Singer / musician, wealth, courage, knowledge, self-efforts, frequent-travelling

  • If 11th Lord is in 3rd House, the native will be skilful in all jobs, wealthy, endowed with fraternal bliss and may sometimes incur gout pains.

11th Lord in 4th House

  • Luxury, happiness, devoted to charming wife, learning of various subjects

  • Mars » Property

  • Sat » many menial workers

  • Ven » Vehicles

  • Sat, Moon, Mer » leather

  • + 6L / 8L » Debt

  • chit funds / lottery

  • +12L » success through foreign services

  • +10L » automobile business

  • If the Lord of 11th house is in 4th House, the native will gain from maternal relatives, will undertake visits to shrines and will possess happiness of house and lands.

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Jup / SgSudden fall


11th Lord in 5th House

  • Many children, speculation, pious

  • Afflicted » gambler

  • If 11th Lord is in 5th House, the native will be happy, educated and virtuous. He will be religious and happy.

11th Lord in 6th House

  • Afflicted » anti-social

  • gains through maternal relatives, tension, service, enemies, disease

  • If 11th Lord is in 6th House, the native will be afflicted by diseases, be cruel, be living in foreign places and troubled by enemies.

11th Lord in 7th House

  • Kalatra Dosha, more than 1 wife, partnership business in beneficial, leadership qualities

  • Sat » leader

  • 6L » labour leader

  • 7L » rich wife

  • 9L / 9H » foreign settlement

  • If the Lord of 11th house is in 7th House, the native will always gain through his wife’s relatives, be liberal, virtuous, sensuous and will remain at the command of his spouse.

11th Lord in 8th House

  • Longevity, speculation, sudden gains, spy, ambassador, secret agent

  • Afflicted » beggar, cheating

  • If 11th Lord is in 8th House, the native will incur reversals in his undertakings and will live long, while his wife will predecease him.

11th Lord in 9th House

  • Paternal fortune

  • +2L, 6L, Venus » Hotel

  • Have step-father / step-brother

  • Foreign travel – money

  • 9L/10L » build rest house, Ashram, temple

  • If 11th Lord is in 9th House, the native will be fortunate, skilful, truthful, honoured by the king and be affluent.

11th Lord in 10th House

  • Business, help from elder brother, unaccountable income, respect, popularity

  • Ven, Moon » Speculation

  • 8H / 8L » Loss in shares

  • If the Lord of 11th house is in 10th House, the native will be honoured by the king, be virtuous, attached to his religion, intelligent, truthful and will subdue his senses.

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11th Lord in 11th House

  • Longevity, famous, helpful, friends, happy life

  • If the Lord of 11th house is in 11th House, the native will gain in all his undertakings, while his learning and happiness will be on the increase day by day.

11th Lord in 12th House

  • Should have foreign connections for success, may lose elder brother, extravagent, eyes, insomnia, less bed pleasures, live away from home, loss in business, spend on illness, fine

  • Rahu / 6L / 7L / 8L » sudden violent death

  • If the Lord of 11th house is in 12th House, the native will always depend on good deeds, be sensuous, will have many wives and will befriend barbarians.


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