Houses in Detail in Vedic Astrology

Let us now learn houses in vedic astrology in detail. We’ve discussed basis of houses in one of our previous chapter. Now, learn the houses 1 to 12 one-by-one.


1st House

Importance of 1st House (Lagna) in Astrology

Effect of Lagna falling in various 12 signs of Zodiac

Important Astrological Rules regarding 1st House

Result of Lagna Lord in 12 Houses


2nd House

2nd House is called dhan sthaana ( Jupiter), Kutumba Sthaan, Maarak Sthaan, Vaaka Sthaan (Mercury), Second Wife, Eyes (Sun)

Important Astrological Rules regarding 2nd House

Results of 2nd Lord in 12 Houses

3rd House

3rd House is called Bhatru-Bhava (Mars), Kaam Kona , Upchaya sthaan , courage, self-efforts, foreign country, short travels, throat, right ear, neighbourhood, friends, army, sports, instrumental music, etiquette, losing mother’s wealth, shoulders, father’s death

Important Astrological Rules regarding 3rd House

Result of 3rd Lord in 12 Houses

4th House

4th House is known for – house of mother (Moon), vehicles (Venus), land, property, building (Mars), home, education (Jupiter), luxuries, servants, immovable property, cloth, ornaments (Venus) and all above happiness – sukham sthaan (Jupiter)

Important Astrological Rules regarding 4th House

Result of 4th Lord in 12 Houses


5th House

5th House is known for House of Children, progeny, intelligence, poorva punya karma, mantra bhava, pitra bhava / dosha, speculation, self-respect

Important Astrological Rules regarding 5th House

Result of 5th Lord in 12 Houses

Beeja Saphuta and Kshetra Saphuta in Vedic Astrology

6th House

6th House is known for House of Dusthana, Rog Bhava, Rina Bhaa (Debts), Shatru Bhava (Enemies), Intestine, Urinary tract, appendicitis, Maternal Uncle (Mercury), service, upchaya house, judiciary, curable disease.

Important Astrological Rules regarding 6th House

Result of 6th Lord in 12 Houses 

7th House

7th House is known for House of spouse [Venus (Male), Jupiter (Female)], Friends, married life, partnership, partnership deed, maraka house, accident (Mars), Vehicle Accident (Venus), Sexual parts, foreign travel, foreign settlement, Public appearance, Public Success, 7H » Kalatra Bhava, 7L » Spouse

Important Astrological Rules regarding 7th House

Result of 7th Lord in 12 Houses


8th House

8th House is known for House of Marital happiness (Mangalya sthaan), house of death (maran sthaan), Longevity (Saturn), Chronic / Incurable disease (Rog sthaan) – (22nd Dreshkona, Ketu, 3L), House of sins, sexual organs, inheritance, secret earnings (10H + 11H), occult – tantra

Important Astrological Rules regarding 8th House

Result of 8th Lord in 12 Houses

9th House

9th House is known for House of Fortune (Bhagya Sthaan), Guru Sthaan, Pitra Sthaan (father & forefathers), Tapas, Father (Sun), Tirth Sthaan, Long journey, intuition, charities, communication with spirits

Important Astrological Rules regarding 9th House

Result of 9th Lord in 12 Houses


10th House

10th House is known for House of profession, Karma Sthaan, status, command & authority

Important Astrological Rules regarding 10th House

Result of 10th Lord in 12 Houses


11th House

11th House is known for house of multiplication, Laabh (Gains) Sthaan, aaye (income) sthaan, Upchaaya sthaan, Easy gains (Jup), Dowry, friends, left ear, elder brothers, longevity

Important Astrological Rules regarding 11th House

Result of 11th Lord in 12 Houses

12th House

12th House is known for House of Loss, expenditure, eyes (left), feet, insomnia, bed pleasures, foreign land, hospital, diseases, prison, moksha (final emancipation)

Important Astrological Rules regarding 12th House

Result of 12th Lord in 12 Houses