Effect of Scorpio Lagna Rising in Vedic Astrology

To the person born in Scorpio lagna, Mercury, Venus and Saturn are evil. Jupiter is favourable. Sun and Moon become the real producers of Rajayogam. Jupiter himself does not kill even when possessed of death-inflicting powers. Mercury and other evil planets cause death to the person when they have power to do so. These are the results which must be carefu11y born in mind in predicting about Scorpio Lagna.

Explanation: Saturn is bad, because he owns 3rd and 4th houses and is not friend of Mars, lord of Vrischika. The ownership of the 3rd house is evil, while the ownership of the 4th by an evil planet is good. Venus is the Lord of the 7th and 12th houses, he is not a friend of Mars and therefore produces bad. Mercury is the Lord of the 8th and 11th houses and both these houses are very bad to own for any planet.

Jupiter is good because he owns the 2nd and 5th houses. 5th house is no doubt a very auspicious one to own but the lord of the 2nd need not always be good natured. Moon is the lord of the 9th a good house. Sun is the lord of the 10th. Sun is an evil planet and owns the 4th quadrant or 10th house and therefore produces good. The combination of the Lords of 9th and 1Oth houses must be productive of Rajayoga. In many places the author of the Jataka Chandrika seems to hint that the Lords of the death houses 2nd and 7th are not good and that when they have the power they are likely to kill the person unless they are relieved from this responsibility by owning some good house, by associations with good planets, and by favourable positiona and aspects. Here we have an illustration of that principle. Jupiter is the lord of the 2nd houseĀ·and he must produce death. But Jupiter also owns the 5th house and therefore becomes a good planet. All planets who own the 5th and 9th houses, whatever may be their nature become good and this goodness perhaps is the real cause of Jupiter saving the life of the person born in Vrischika.

Mercury and other evil planets cause the death of the native. Mercury owns 8th and 11th houses and these are very unfavourable indeed for any planet to own. Saturn is the Lord of the 3rd house and he may kill.

Venus is the Lord of the 7th and 12th and both of them are bad.

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