Effect of Pisces Lagna Rising in Vedic Astrology

To the person born in Meena Lagna, Saturn, Venus, Sun and Mercury are evil; Mars and Moon are auspicious. Jupiter and Mars in combination produce Rajayogam. Mars himself does not kill the native even when possessed of death powers.

Saturn and other evil planets kill the person born in Pisces lagna when they
posses death-inflicting powers. The learned in astrology must try to understand
the results of the planetary influences in this way for persons born in Meena

Explanation: Saturn, Venus, Sun and Mercury are declared to be evil. Excepting
Sun the othor 3 planets are well known to be the foes of Jupiter, the Lord of
Pisces. Sun is his friend. But Sun owns only one house and that is the 6th.
Therefore the Lord of the 6th house cannot be good. Saturn owns 11th and 12th
houses and as such becomes perfectly evil, both houses being bad for any planet
to own. Venus owns 3rd and 8th houses both are bad and Venus therefore produces

Mercury owns 4th & 7th houses. If he is weak, badly associated or aspected, he
becomes a bad planet and when an evil planet owns two quadrants he ought to
produce good instead of evil. But when Mercury is well aspected and is in
conjunction with auspicious planets, he is said to become an auspicious planet
himself and when he is considered a benefic owning two quadrants he is bad and
he must be considered in a similar manner.

Moon is the lord of the 5th house and Mars is the lord of the 2nd and 9th houses
and these are considered by him as productive of good results. Mars is not said
to kill the person though possessed of death-inflicting powers because, although
he owns the 2nd house, he is also the lord of the 9th which is a very good sign
for any planet to own. The combination of Jupiter and Mars is needed for
Rajayogam. Jupiter, it will be seen, is the lord of the lst and 10th houses both
being bad to own. But the author has explained in the earlier portions of his
work that for the production of Rajayogam the combination or conjunction of the
lords of the 9th and 10th are needed, Saturn and other evil planets kill the
person born in Meena when they are possessed of death inflicting powers. Saturn,
Venus, Mercury, Sun, and even Jupiter own evil houses and they may kill the
person when they are invested with suitable powers for causing death to the

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