Effect of Leo Lagna Rising in Vedic Astrology

Saturn, Venus, and Mercury are evil. Mars alone is good. The combination of Venus and Jupiter alone will not produce Raja yoga. When Mars joins Jupiter the combination produces much good. Saturn does not kill the native himself when he is endowed with Maraka powers. Mercury and other evil planets kill the person born in Leo lagna, when they have Maraka powers. The wisemen after good consnltation must predict these results to the person born in Simha.

Explanation: Venus owns 3rd and 10th houses and both are bad. Mercury owns the 2nd and 11th houses, the last is a bad one, hence the 1st also becomes bad. Saturn owns 6th and 7th houses of which 6th is bad while the ownership of the 7th gives good. But Sun, Lord of Leo, is opposed to the influence of Saturn and he is said to be his inveterate enemy. Mars is the best because he owns 4th, a Kendra and 9th, a Trikona. This combination of Kendras and Konas is very excellent, but the combination must be the combination of the last Kendra 10th
and the last Kona 9th. Jupiter owns 6th a good house and 8th a bad house. But when he joins with Mars there will be Rajayoga.

Saturn will not kill the person because there is some good in him. But Venus and Mercury are thoroughly evil.

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