Effect of Gemini Lagna Rising in Vedic Astrology

Mars and Jupiter are inauspicious to the person born in Mithuna (Gemini). Venus is alone good. Combination of Saturn and Jupiter produces the same results as have been stated in the previous stanza for persons born In Mesha.

Mars and Sun are inauspicious. Venus alone is good. If Venus and Mercury are well associated they give Rajayoga. When Saturn joins Jupiter, the result will be similar to what they produce on the person born in Mesha. Saturn will not directyly kill the person even when possesed of death inflicting powers. Mars and other evil planets become powerful in inflicting death. These results have to be carefully found out for peraons born in Gemini lagna.

Explanation: Mars and Jupiter are bad. Mars owns 6th and 11th houses. Both are bad for any planet to own. Jupiter is evil because he owns 7th and 10th.

Venus owns 5th and 12th houses and is a friend of the lord of Gemini (Mercury) and he is entirely good. Saturn owns 8th and 9th houses. 8th is bad. 9th is auspicious.

Combination of the lords of Kendras and Trines is productive of Rajayogam. Combination of Jupiter and Saturn produces no Rajayoga for reasons well explained under Mesha Lagna.

Saturn will not kill himself even when he has Maraka powers. The reason is he owns 9th, a very good house. Mars and other evil planets kill the person. Mars owns 6th and 11th, Sun 3rd, and Jupiter 7th and 10th. All these are bad and enable their lords to kill the person born in Gemini lagna. Jupiter certainly is bad if armed with death powers.

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