Effect of Capricorn Lagna Rising in Vedic Astrology

To the person born in Capricorn, Mars, Jupiter, and Moon are evil, Venus and
Mercury are good. Venus alone is productive of Rajyoga. In conjunction with
Mercury, there will result much happiness. Saturn will not kill the person
though posseased of death-inflicting powers. But Mars and other evil planets,
when they are invested with death-inflicting powers, kill the native.

Explanation: Mars, Jupiter and Moon are declared to be evil to persons born
under the influence of Capricorn. Mars is evil, because he owns the 4th and 11th
houses of which the 11th is bad while the 4th is good because a quandrant owned
by an evil planet produces good.

Jupiter is evil because he owns the 3rd and 12th houses both of which are bad,
for any planets to own.

Moon is the Lord of the 7th house and he is declared to be bad. If Moon is weak,
debilitated or badly associated and aspected he becomes or is to be considered
as an evil planet and therefore when he owns quadrants he must produce good. But
when he is full, well associated and aspected he becomes auspicious and must
produce evil when he owns quadrants.

Venus is good because he owns 5th and 10th houses. In cases, where a good planet
owns trines and kendras together he seems to lose the evil that he would
otherwise produce as lord of a guadrant.

In conjunction with Mercury, there will result much happiness? This para of the
author is singularly vague. “Who should be in conjunction with Mercury, is not
clearly stated by the author; perhaps he means that the combination of Venus and
Mercury produces Rajayoga. Mercury is the lord of the 6th and 9th houses of
which the 1st is bad while the second is productive of good results. Venus in
this case does not want the help of any body to produce Rajayogam. He is the
lord of 5th and 10th houses and he combines in himself the ownership of
quadrants and trines. He has independent powers to confer good. No other
combination could do Mercury any good. Moon is the lord of 7th, a quadrant and
as such may produce good when he is weak or debilitated. But the combination of
the lords of the quadrants 1st, 4th and 7th with lords of trines, is not so
highly valued for Rajayogam, by the author.

Saturn will not kill the person though possessed of death-inflicting powers.
This requires an explanation. Saturn owns two houses 1st and 2nd. 1st is good
because it is a quadrant and owned by an evil planet. The owning of the 2nd has
been declared though indirectly to be bad. Saturn has a natural tendency to kill
natives because he likes to kill. To this there are powers added which ought to
have made him a death-inflicting planet, but I suppose the owning of a quadrant
coupled with the love he has for a person born under his own direct influence
made him good to the person born in Makara. Mars and other evil planets kill
him. Jupiter is evil, Sun is evil as also Moon. So that practically we have
Jupiter, Sun, Mars and Moon for inflicting death while Saturn, Mercury and Venus
are for doing good especially the last two planets. The author says that these
results must be carefully analysed and understood by the students of astrology.

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