Effect of Cancer Lagna Rising in Vedic Astrology

Venus, Saturn, and Mercury are evil for persons born in Cancer; Mars is alone capable of giving Raja yoga.
The combination of Gnru and Mars gives to the Native Rajayoga (Political success).
Sun does not kill himself although possessed of death-inflicting powers. Venus and other inauspicious planets kill the person born in Kataka.


Jupiter owns two houses 6th and 9th, of which the last gives him good. The good given by the 9th house may be cancelled by the evil produced by the ownership of the 6th. When evil and good are equal or balancing we have to predict evil but in a mild form. There are other works which lay down the principle that when a planet owns one good and one evil house; he may be classed as a good planet perhap, in a mild form.

Sun is tbe lord of the 2nd house and he will not kill the native himself. Why? Perhaps, he is the friend of Moon and he does not like to get the blame himself. Venus and other evil planets when possessed of Maraka powers, kill the person during their periods and sub-periods.

Venus owns 4th and 11th, the first bad because Venus is a benefic, and his owning a quadrant is bad. The 11th is bad and Venus owns it. Saturn owns the 7th and 8th, of which the lordship of 7th gives him good while that of 8th produces evil. Mercury is the lord of 3rd and 12th houses and he is necessarily bad. Cancer is an auspicious Lagna itself and when the Moon occupies it with Jupiter who is exalted here; great success will be produced. It is a watery sign and generaliy makes men stout and generous.

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