Effect of Aries Lagna Rising in Vedic Astrology

Movable sign, fiery sign, odd, male, direction east, Prishtodaya, Rajoguna, having nakshatras of Ketu, Venus and Sun and its lord is Mars.

He will be active and will always be moving about.lt will be difficult for him to be at one place continuously fora long time. He needs a change after some time or a break while continuously working. He will have a certain amount of independent thinking and will have capable personality. He is courageous frank, impulsive, will have aggressive temperament and frequently irritable. He has a middle stature, an emaciated body, long neck (craning neck),good and developed bones, bush eyebrows etc.

They are often liable to extreme jealousy and easily accessible to adulteration. They suffer from nervous complaints, sexual diseases and piles. They think that they are born to exercise authority.

a) A person born in mesha Lagna (Aries as birth time) has Saturn, Mercury and Venus ill disposed towards him. Jupiter and Ravi are auspicious. The Simple combination of Jupiter and Saturn produces no beneficial results.

Explanation: Venus is the lord of the 2nd and 7th house, mercury is the lord of the 3rd and 6th houses, and Saturn is the Lord of the 10th and 11th house. We’ve already leaned that the lords of the 3rd, 6th, 8th, 11th, and 12th, houses are bad. Therefore, Mercury being the lord of the 3rd and 6th houses to the person who is born in Mesha, becomes evil. Venus owns 2nd and 7th houses. Good planets owning quadrants are evil and 7th is one of the quadrants. Saturn owns 10th & 11th houses of which, the 11th is bad while the 10th house (quadrant) owned by an evil planet like Saturn is good. Mercury is perfectly bad, but in the cases of Venus and Saturn, out of the two houses each of those planets owns, one is evil and the other good. But Mercury, Saturn, and Venus are not friends of the Lord of Aries viz., Kuja or Mars.

Jupiter and Ravi are declared to be good. Ravi owns the 5th house from Mesha and Jupiter owns the 9th and 12th houses. It has been already shown that the Lords of the trines are productive of good results. Ravi owns only one house and he is perfectly good, but Jupiter owns 9th as well as the 12th of which 9th is good and 12th is bad.

Jupiter, Sun and Mars (Lord of Mesha) are freinds and thus though Jupiter owns one of the evil houses, he will, in the main, produce good and not evil.

Lastly, the person born in Mesha, the simple conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter is alone not sufficient to produce political success. Because they (i.e. Saturn and Jupiter) not only own 9th and 10th houses, whose combination ought to produce good, but they are also lords of the 12th and 11th houses, whose combination acts against the production of the Rajyogam.

b) But on the other hand Jupiter when combined with Saturn, not only does not give good but will actively produce evil. Venus does not himself kill the native although he possesses death-inflicting powers.

Explanation: Jupiter being the lord of the 9th and 12th houses, has both good and bad combined within himself. In the combination of Saturn and Jupiter the author asked us not to expect any good results, and he here tells us that there will be evil in their combination especially on the part of Jupiter. This requires a clear explanation. Let us take an example. We know that a planet has good and evil influences due to various causes explained in the astrological works. If a planet is capable of giving one rupee worth of good and also one rupee worth of evil, the result will be that the planetary influence is neutral-good cancelling the evil.

However, the astrological writers assure us that the result is not only not neutral, but is bad. They are of opinion that when good and evil influences of a planet are equal we must predict evil, but in a milder form. Remembering then this principle of their explanation, we shall see why Jupiter is bad in the combination with Saturn. Jupiter owns 9th and 12th houses, of which the 12th for Jupiter and 11th for Saturn are evil houses.

Here the evil is equal to the good these two planets have, as one of the two houses each planet owns is good while the other is bad. We can understand that the combination is bad, but why should Jupiter be particularly declared bad in producing evil in the combination, while Saturn also contributes to bring about the combined evil result?

Jupiter is an auspicious planet by nature and evil influences seem to affect him more; Saturn is an evil planet and good influences seem to make him better. Jupiter owns one good and one bad house, and they neutralize each other’s effects, but he has an evil association viz., of being in conjunction with Saturn. There is therefore something more than good and bad counteracting each other and Jupiter is declared to produce evil, because he has evil combination. But Saturn has a better prospect. His owning good and evil houses counterbalances the two results, but he is in conjunction with Jupiter, a declared good planet, and his position is improved. Therefore, in the combination of Saturn and Jupiter we see that the result is bad and that Jupiter is able to do more harm than Saturn.

Venus owns the 2nd and the 7th houses and these two are called death inflicting houses. If a planet owns one death-inflicting house it is enough to predict evil results, but when he owns two death-inflicting houses, we should naturally expect to see that he will kill the person undoubtedly. But though Venus has jurisdiction to kill by governing the 2 houses, 2nd and 7th, he will not kill the native himself but will hand over the person to others who are also ill-disposed towards the person born in Mesha and who would do the execution work.

c) Evil planets like Saturn & others will cause death to the person; try and find out the results good and bad which might happen to the person born in Mesha carefully and with reference to the principles of astrology.

Explanation: Just in the previous stanzs we pointed out that when Jupiter and Saturn combine together Jupiter will inflect evil. Now we have to determine who will kill the native. The author says “evit planets like Saturn &c.”. He takes Saturn first and includes Mercury and occasionally Moon. Mercury is bad, as he owns third and sixth houses. But Moon is the lord of 4th. If he is full then, he will be classified as good and his owning one of the·quadrants is bad and he may, by evil combinations, produce death. But if he is weak, then his owning the quadrant is auspicious and he will do good. These then are the planeta who determine the death of the person born while the sign Aries is rising at the time of birth.

I have given notes at considerable length, but the fuller the explanations offered even at the risk of repetition, the better it is for beginners who read these works and who, I am sure, will be very much profited by the extra information given by me herein.

The author has already shown us very briefly indeed, what are the general principles of Astrology, how they have to be mastered and with what restrictions they have to be applied. But in a small work of this nature it is not possible for him to explain anything more than the barest outlines of Astrology, and those who are conversant with the Sanskrit language will find what an amount of brevity could be introduced in the Stanzas relating to Sciences in Sanskrit. He takes Saturn as the most prominent planet for inflicting death, as he owns the 10th and 11th houses but really Mercury could have been named with an &c., afterwards. Mercury owns the 3rd and 6th houses aud consequently ranks as the foremost evil planet to a person born in Mesha, because the two houses are bad and he is also a bad planet when his associations are evil.

Why should Saturn be then named? , is a question that we might easily ask the author. Perhaps if he were alive he would have answered thus his readers. Saturn owns 10th and 11th houses, Saturn is the lord of longevity and Saturn has an inclination to kill person in preference to other planets whether preceding or following him in his periods or sub-periods.

10th house owned by an evil planet ia productive of good, and it is the last angle of the quadrant and therefore is considered the strongest. In the same way the owning of the 11th house by an evil or good planet is productive of evil and as llth is the last house among the 3rd, 6th, 8th, and 11th houses the fact of owning it confers the strongest tendency to produce evil. Saturn is the Auyushkaraka or lord of life and therefore if he is well disposed he will increase the term of life and if ill disposed he will cut short the life. The influences of evil or good planets are of two kinds.

First, we have the general influence spreading among the different influences of the other planets and lasting all throngh the life of a person, this is called Nisargika or permanent. Second, we have the influences of the planet in their periods, sub-periods, and other minor divisions of life. These are called Thatkkalika local or temporary.

The latter influences last only during their respective division or sub-divisions. Here also the influences of the other planets cannot be overlooked. These two results of the planetary influences, must not be confounded with each other and must be distinctly borne in mind. As Saturn has a special jurisdiction to protect life and take it away, his name has been inserted by the author in preference to others. If he is bad, it is only then that we have to give him the power to cut short the life. Otherwise the death-time must be determined in the period or sub-period of other planets. The author further says that it is necessary to reconcile the principles of Astrology whenever any difference is found among them and if the student is only intelligent and careful, he will see that practically there is no difference among the various systems advocated by the astrological writers.

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