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Jagannatha Hora Lite Free Astrology Software is must for every astrologer. Why? Because making accurate and complete horoscope is an essential part of astrology. And the fact is, it takes hours, even for experts in mathematics, to make complete horoscope. It’s not possible to explain making horoscope, dasha calculations, astakvarga, and other long calculations here. There are many books from where you can learn that. Please go with them.

OR if you are weak in mathematics, like me and want to save time, you MUST consider Jagannatha Hora Lite software.

Various computations needed by serious Vedic astrologers and Vedic astrology researchers.

This program will work on Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 and Windows Vista computers. It will not work on old Windows 3.1 systems. It will not work on Macintosh/Apple systems with MacOS operating system and other non-windows systems such as Linux, Unix, Solaris etc systems.

A little less than 100 MB of disk space is needed for this program. But there are minimal installations that will work with less than 10 MB of disk space.

Though this software works for all display settings, it is optimized for 1024×768, 1280×1024 and 1600×1200 displays. With a display of 800×600 or less, the GUI (graphical user interface) becomes less powerful.

To download any of the following zip files, click the right mouse on the “Download” link and select “Save target as” in the pop-up menu. The corresponding zip file will be saved on your computer in the directory you choose. Go to that directory in a windows explorer. Locate the zip file and unzip it. You will get a file with the same name, with .zip in the file name replaced by .exe. Run the executable by double-clicking on it. The corresponding installation should start in a few seconds. Read the instructions and follow them. The first screen may give a security warning about an unknown publisher. If you give permission to the installer executable to run by clicking “Run”, the installation will proceed.

Read the following carefully and choose which modules you want to install.

FileSizeWhat it Contains
jh_full_install.zip102.1 MBFresh and full installation of Jagannatha Hora. It contains accurate ephemeris for 3000 BC-3000 AD and uses an extrapolation for 5400 BC-5400 AD. It has a larger atlas with 2.5 million cities.

If you already have Jagannatha Hora version 7.3 or higher on your computer, you need to download only It is a very small file of less than 1 MB.

jh_update.zip2.6 MBIf you already have Jagannatha Hora version 7.3 (or higher) operational on your computer, you only need this update to move to the latest.Download
jh_short_install.zip3.7 MBFresh and short installation of Jagannatha Hora. It contains accurate ephemeris for 1800-2400 AD and uses an approximate analytical model for other dates in 3000 BC-3000 AD. It has a very very small atlas with some important cities.Download

You can check out the full features of this software here.

As of now, Jagannatha Hora Lite Free Astrology Software is available ONLY for Windows OS. There is no app version of this software for Android OS or Apple iOS.

This software was designed and written by P.V.R. Narasimha Rao. He took his a bachelors degree in engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai (Madras), a top engineering institute of India, and masters degree from Rice University, Houston, USA. He works as a software engineer near Boston. He is a Sanskrit scholar with two diplomas equivalent to bachelor’s degree in Sanskrit literature (one of them with distinction). The author learned astrology from his father Sri P.V.S. Chalapathi Rao and he considers Dr B.V. Raman, from whose books he learnt astrology, his second guru. He is the author of the textbook “Vedic Astrology: An Integrated Approach”. His research articles on Vedic astrology were published in “Astrological Magazine of India”, “Jyotish Digest” and “Express StarTeller” magazines.

To Sh. P.V.R. Narasimha Rao, from Admin

Respected Sir, your contribution to learn vedic astrology is far from describing in words. Your software, books, group discussions have helped number of students of astrology to learn this divine science. Without you, it would have been nearly impossible. On bahalf of all the students of astrology, I would like to say thanks to you for your help.


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जगन्नाथ होरा सॉफ्टवेयर

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