Birth Time Rectification in Vedic Astrology

Nakshatra Suddhi

Multiply tbe Ghatikas and Vighatikas of the Ishla Kala by 4 and divide the product by 9. The remainder should be counted beginning with Aswini, Magha or Moola in whatsoever Patyaya it falls. The 27 Nakshatras are distributed in 3 Paryayas consisting of 1st to 9th, 10th to 18th and 19th to 27th. This will give the Janma Nakshatm.

Example: Suppose a native was born on 6.3.1980 at Ishta Ghatika 56.12
[(56.12) x 4] / 9 = [224.48/9] = 24x9 + 8.48

Here the remainder is 8. Nakshalra which may be Aslesha, Jyestha or Revati.

Man- Woman Janma Suddhi

Convert the Ishta Ghatikas into Palas. Divide the same by 225. If the remainder is 

0 to 15 -> birth will be male
16 to 45 •••••• - do - a female
46 to 90 •• •• •• • do - a male
91 to 150 •••••• - do- a female
151 to 225 •••••• - do - a male

These five groups represent in their order male, female, male, female and male respectively.

Example :Ishta Ghatikas are 56.12, i.e., 56x60+12 = 3372 / 225 = 14x225+222 Therefore, the birth will be that of a male.

Lagna Suddhi

Find out the Rasi occupied by the Moon and Mandi; and also their Navamsas. The native will have his birth either in the Rasi occupied by Mandi or the Moon whichever be stronger; or in the Lagna Rasi which will be 7th, 5th or the 9th from either of them. If instead of these two Rasis, the Navamsa Rasi owned by Mandi or the Moon be  stronger, then the Janma Lagna will be in the stronger Navamsa Rasi or the 7th, 5th or the 9th from it.

Knowledge of the sex of the native can also be gained through Pranpada. Distribute the 27 Nakshtras in 3 Paryaya of 9 Nakshatras each. Aswini to Aslesha should make the 1st Paryaya; Magha to Jyestha, the 2nd and the 3rd should comprise of Moola to Revati. When the Ishta kala is multiplied by 4 and divided by 9, the remainder will give the Janma Nakshatra. This will also tell about the accuracy of the Ishta kala. When the Janma Nakshatra discovered through this Paddhati is identical with the one indicated by the Rasi occupied by the Moon in a nativity, the Ishta kala should be taken as correct, otherwise some addition or deductions will have to be made in it. Similarly, the correctness of the Janma Lagna should also be verified in this manner.

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