Significations of 12 Houses in Astrology

Different houses represents different things in life. For example, if you want to look someone’s profession, you need to look at 10th house; if you want to look at someone’s children, you need to look at 5th house.

Below is the list of some of the major significations of each house. More list will be added when we’ll study houses in detail later on.

First House: Physical body, complexion, appearance, head, intelligence, strength, energy, fame, success, nature of birth, caste.

Second House: Wealth, assets, family, speech, eyes, mouth, face, voice, food.

Third House: Younger co-borns, confidants, courage, mental strength, communication skills, creativity, throat, ears, arms, father’s death (7th from 9th), expenditure on vehicles and house (12th from 4th), travels.

Fourth House: Mother, vehicles, house, lands, immovable property, motherland, childhood, wealth from real estate, education, relatives, happiness, comforts, pleasures, peace, state of mind, heart.

Fifth House: Children, poorvapunya (good deeds of previous lives), intelligence, knowledge & scholarship, devotion, mantras (prayers), stomach, digestive system, authority/power, fame, love, affection, emotions, judgment, speculation.

Sixth House: Enemies, service, servants, relatives, mental tension, injuries, health, diseases, agriculture, accidents, mental affliction, mother’s younger brother, hips.

Seventh House: Marriage, marital life, life partner, sex, passion (and related happiness), long journeys, partners, business, death, the portion of the body below the navel.

Eighth House: Longevity, debts, disease, ill-fame, inheritance, loss of friends, occult studies, evils, gifts, unearned wealth, windfall, disgrace, secrets, genitals.

Ninth House: Father, teacher, boss, fortune, religiousness, spirituality, God, higher studies & high knowledge, fortune in a foreign land, foreign trips, diksha (joining a religious order), past life and the cause of birth, grandchildren, principles, dharma, intuition, compassion, sympathy, leadership, charity, thighs.

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Tenth House: Growth, profession, career, karma (action), conduct in society, fame, honors, awards, self-respect, dignity, knees.

Eleventh House: Elder co-borns, income, gains, realization of hopes, friends, ankles.

Twelfth House: Losses, expenditure, punishment, imprisonment, hospitalization, pleasures in bed, misfortune, bad habits, sleep, meditation, donation, secret enemies, heaven, left eye, feet, residence away from the place of birth, moksha (emancipation/liberation).

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