Introduction to Nakshatras (constellations) in Vedic Astrology

In Vedic astrology, the zodiac is divided into 27 nakshatras. Each nakshatra has a length of 360º/27 = 13º 20′. The first nakshatra, for example, stretches from the beginning of Aries to 13º 20′ in Aries. The second nakshatra stretches from there to 26º 40′ in Aries. The third nakshatra stretches from there to 10º in Taurus. The list of nakshatras with the respective starting and ending points is given in below table. The table also gives the “Vimsottari lords” of all nakshatras. This will be used later.

Each nakshatra is again divided into 4 quarters or padas. They are called padas (legs/feet). The length of a nakshatra pada is 3º 20′. Every Rasi would, therefore,  contain 9 padas or 2¼ nakshatras. 

27 Nakshatras (constellations) in Vedic Astrology
27 Nakshatras (constellations) in Vedic Astrology


For the purpose of some special charts like Kota Chakra and Sarvatobhadra Chakra, we consider 28 nakshatras. The last quarter of Uttarashadha is known as “Abhijit”. However, we consider 27 nakshatras for all other purposes.

Lunar Months

There are twelve lunar months called Masas which are named after the star constellation on the full-moon day of each successive month. They are: 

Chaitra Chittra
Vaishakha Visakha
Jyeshta Jyeshta
Ashada Poorvashada
Sravana Sravana
Bhadrapada Poorvabhadra
Aswayuja Aswini
Kartika Krittika
Margashira Mrigashira
Pushya Pushyami
Magha Makha
Phalguna Uttara-Phalguni

Each month is divided into two parts: the brighter half and the darker half. The brighter half called the Shukla paksha starts after the new-moon day and extends to the full-moon day when the Sun and Moon face each other. This is the period of the waxing moon. The darker half is known as the Krishna paksha which commences after the full-moon day and ends with the new-moon day. This represents the waning moon.

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An year known as Samvathsara, which is made up of twelve months, has two sections, each consisting of six months. They are called Ayanas. The period during which the sun seems to travel northwards, from Capricorn rasi to Gemini rasi is called Uttarayana, whereas the period between Cancer and Sagittarius is known as Dakshinayana when the sun appears to move southwards. They are called declination.


An year is further divided into six parts, each part consisting of two months, on the basis of the six seasons called Ritus.

They are :

MonthSeason (Ritu)
Chaitra and VaisakhaVasantha (spring)

Jyeshta and Ashada

Greeshma (Summer)
Sravana and BhadrapadaVarsha (rainy season)
Aswayuja and KarlikaSharad (autumn)
Margashira and PushyaHemanta (winter)
Magha and PhalgunaSishira (Dewy)




Effects of the 27 constellations at the time of birth


polite, sweet speech, fond of jewels, good dress, handsome, popular, intelligent, expert in arts and sciences.



truthful, persevering (continuing in a course of action despite difficulty or delay in achieving success), healthy, skillful, free from cares, happy.



voracious eater, fond of others wives, handsome, famous.



truthful, man of principles, polite, steady, handsome.



capricious, skillful, cowardly, talkative, light-hearted, rich, fond of enjoyment.



dissimulator (a person who professes beliefs and opinions that he or she does not hold in order to conceal his or her real feelings or motives), proud, ungrateful, cruel-hearted, sinful and fond of killing.



fond of doing penance (tapasya), happy, good tempered, little cracked, sickly, thirsty, contented with small gains.



very quiet, popular, learned, wealthy and fond of good deeds.



pretender, cheating partners, sinful, ungrateful and clever in swindling (cheating) others.



enjoyment in life, many servants, great wealth, religious, respectful, highly contented.



good speech, liberal, handsome, traveller, submissive.



popular, learned, enjoyable life, free from cares.

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hopeful, steady, given to strong liquors, unkind, pilferer (thief without using violence).



charming eyes,fond of various colored clothes.



polite, moral, merchant, kind-hearted, sweet words, fond of doing meritorious (deserving reward or praise) deeds.



narrow minded. jealous, miser, good looking, clever in the art of speech, fond of picking quarrels.



wealthy, residence in a foreign country, not capable of enduring hunger, roving (travel constantly without a fixed destination) habits.



jolly, few friends, charitable, unreasonably angry.



conceited (abhimaanee), wealthy, happy, kind-hearted, resolute (firm, strong), enjoyment in life.



good and agreeable wife, conceited, constant in friendship.



polite, charitable, grateful, popular, many friends.



rich, learned, good and chaste wife, enjoyable life, famous.



wealthy, liberal, courageous, fond of music, avaricious (greedy).



eloquent and distinct speaker, gambler, fond of bad women, murderer of enemies, adventurous, deep-hearted.



sorrowfnl, submissive to Women, wealthy, clever, miserly.



eloquent speaker, happy, blesscd with children and grand children, unrivalled (matchless, unique), charitable.



well developed body, popular, warrior, man of strict moral principles, wealthy.


Yogas and Nakshatras


There are 27 Yogas mentioned for the 27 Nakshatras. There are:

Yoga Nakshatra
l. Vishkambha Pushyami
2. Preethi Aslesha
3. Aayttshman Makha
4. Sowbhagya Pubba
5. Shobhana Uttara
6. Athiganda Hasta
7. Sukarma Chittra
8. Dhriti Swati
9. Shoola Vishakha
10. Ganda Anuradha
11. Vriddhi Jyesta
12. Dhruva Moola
13. Vyaghata Peorvashada
14. i-larshana Uttarashada
15. Vajra Shravana
16. Siddhi Dhanista
17. Vyathipatha Shathabhisha
18. Variyan Poorvabhadra
19. Parigha Uttarabhadra

20. Shiva Revathi
21. Siddha Aswini
22. Sadhya Bharani
23. Shubha Krittika
24. Shukla Rohini
25. Brahma Mrigashira
26. Indra An’dra
27. Vaidhriti Punarvasu

To find out the Yoga point one should add 3—3-20 to the sum
total of the longitude of the Sun and the Moon. Where 3 stands
for the 3 Rasis, 3-20 stands for 3 degrees 20 minutes. This is
done because the first Yoga commences with the Nakshatra
Pushyami located in the fourth Rasi at 3° 20’. In the examples
given above,
Sun’s position is 23-14
Moon‘s position is 1-10-34
+ 3-3-20
Total 6-17-08

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Hence the birth Yoga point will be 17° 3’ ’lhula. This coincides
with the position of the Nakshatra Swati, whose ududasa lord is
Rahu, who therefore becomes the Birth Yogi. The yoga which
corresponds to the Nakshatra Swati is Dhriti. Every yoga is
associated with certain personality traits which are likely to be
found in the individual born under that particular yoga. They are
as follows:

1. Vishkambha : He will win over others.

‘ He is blessed with cattle and wealth.
2. Prithi : He is loved by all, attracted by women.
3. Ayushman : Has good longevity and health.

4. Sowbhagyam : Blessed with happiness and comforts.

5. Shobhanam : Lascivious, sex—minded.

6. Athigandam : Murderer or having that temperament.
Meets obstacles and accidents in life.

7. Sukarman : Does good and noble acts, wealthy.

8. Dhriti : lndulging in others’ money and women.

9. Shoolam : Angry and quarrelsome.

10. Gandam : Has a bad character.

11. Vriddhi : Improving day by day and intelligent.

12. Dhruvam : Fixity of mind and wealthy.

13. Vyaghatham : Cruel-minded person.

14. Harshanam : Always merry and intelligent.

15. Vajram : Wealthy and lascivious.

16. Siddhi : Will have several attainments and will
protect others.

17. Vyathipatham : Unreliable.

18. Variyan : Bad character and lascivious.

1‘). Parigha : Wealthy and quarrelsome.

20. Shivam : Revered by kings, well versed in
sastras. cool and calm. and wealthy.

21. Siddham : Good-natured. interested in religi0us

22. Sadhyam : Good-mannered. –

23. Shubham : Wealthy. lustrous, fair and unhealthy.

24. Shubram : Wavering mind, good mannered,
talkative and impulsive.

25. Brahma : Highly secretive, having high
aspirations. Has capacity lo judge

26. Maltendram : Wealthy, learned and helpful.

27. Vaidhriti : Cunning, critical. wealthy and strong.

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