Analysing Labour Room in Vedic Astrology

Lagna and Labour Room Direction

If the birth of the native is in the Cancer, Aries, Scorpio, Libra or Aquarius Lagna, the bed of the Woman (in labour) will be in the Eastern portion of the house; when it is Leo or Capricon, it wil be Southern portion; should it be Taurus, it would be in the Western portion and; if it is Virgo, Sagittarius, Gemini or Pisces, the birth of the native will take place in the Northern portion the house. But when the Ascending Navamsa is stronger than the Lagna, the direction of the labour room should be as indicated by that Navamsa Rasi only. The direction of the labour room should be predicted according as the lagna or the Navamsa is stronger of the two (in the aforesaid manner). In other words, if the Navamsa belongs to Cancer, Aries, etc. Rasis, the labour room will be in the East; if it is of Leo or Capricon it will be in the South; if Taurus, it will be in the West part; if it is Virgo, Sagittarius, Gemini or Pises it will be in the north side of the house.

Father at Birth Time

When the Lagoa is not aspected by the Moon and the Sun is posited in the 8th or the 9th Bhava: if the Sun occupies a movable sign, the father will be in another village; if it is in a fixed sign, be will be in his own village; if it is in a dual sign, the father will be on his way home. When the Moon is associated with malefic planets, the mother has to endure much distress and pain.

The Sun is the Karaka of the father. When the Sun, Karaka of father, occupies a movable sign the father should be somewhere far on the move; if he is in a fixed sign, he (father) should be at home and; if he is in a dual sign, the father will be somewhere on the way.

In the same way, the Moon being the Karaka of mother denotes for the position of the mother. When the Moon conjoins evil planets the mother has to suffer at the labour time and this suffering will be in proportion to the evil character of the associating planets. 

About the Lamp and the Oil in the Labour Room

The number of midwives attending on the woman in labour will correspond with the number of planets between the lagna and the Moon. The planets outside the Moon and the Lagna will denote the number of women attending her without the Chamber. The Moon denotes the oil in the Lamp, i.e., quantity of oil left in the lamp will correspond with the degrees yet to be traversed by the Moon in her sign. The wick of the lamp is to be assessed from the Lagna - the portion of the Rising Sign yet to rise - and that of the lamp itself, from the Sun. The lords of the various directions respectively are the Sun of the East; Venus, South - East; Mars - South; Rahu, South - West; Saturn, West; the Moon, North - West, Mercury, North and; Jupiter of the North - East.

The door of the delivery room will be in the direction indicated by the powerful planets occupying the Kendra (Angular) houses or in the absence of such a position, by the strongest of them (kendra) in the chart.

Notes: These Astrological indications have been devised in order to check the accuracy of the Janma Lagna and the satisfaction of the parents of the native born. The females present in the Labour Room to help are called mid-wives. Their number should be devised on the basis of the planets being between the Lagna and the Moon. But remember, if perchance all the planets are so placed, do not indicate more than 5 to 7 midwives. If any planet is with the Moon or in the Lagna, the planet in the Lagna should be of higher degrees than that of the Lagna and the planet with the Moon should be of lower degrees than those of the Moon.

The oil, already burnt in the lamp or is left, is to be assessed by the degrees the Moon has traversed in her sign or yet to traverse. This sounds incongruous in the days of electricity; but it will be true where there is no electric current available and people live by oil lamps. The same way the direction of the door of the labour room should be indicated from the strongest planet occupying the Angular House.

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